Short Stories

A series of paintings inspired by the American landscape. 28"x34"x2". 2014-2015


New Squares

An ongoing series of 45"x45" paintings inspired by American writers and poets who beautifully describe the wondrous colors and textures of the natural world. 2015.


Western Vistas

An ongoing series of paintings based on my research and treks in the western U.S. As "abstract" landscapes, the works are geologically specific, but largely poetic expressions of the sense of place, memory and salient qualities of the landscape. Sizes are 45"x45" and 48"x63". 2010-2015.


Earth Arc

A series of 40+ 21"x21" paintings that incorporate dense, stratified colors together with fluid linear arcs, rivers and trajectories, and allow many smaller paintings to be linked together into expanding grids and murals. 



All works on paper are high density pigments on Arches 300lb. watercolor paper. 24"x32". 2012-2015.


Mural • Austin, TX

Grids • Public & Private Collections

The Earth Below • William Campbell Gallery, Fort Worth, TX

Earth Arc Exhibition • Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, TX

Private Collection

Corporate Collection